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SustainARCH, Founder

Madison Wong is a 17 year old teenage advocate in smart, green and energy-efficient city development, and she is pursuing her passion areas of architecture, design and well-being to contribute to the future of sustainable communities and ecosystems. 

The seed was planted when she went to Switzerland during the summer and visited Therme Vals by Peter Zumthor. It deepened her interest in architecture and the use of natural lighting to change the atmosphere and mood of a building. It allowed her to learn about the importance of a human centred design of a building in order to allow the natural environment and people to interact with each other. 

Having attended high school across Hong Kong and Winchester, she has over the years continued to expand her repertoire in the area of smart city development. She has participated in the Architecture Explorer Programme in Chinese University in Hong Kong and helped to organise charity events in school for donations. She was a speaker at Catalyst 2030 Annual Meeting - Catalysing Change Week, and she was nominated as an official delegate to the Global YOUNGA Forum.

She has completed her first United Nations certificate course on Cities and Climate Change, and has designed her very own “SUSTAIN” principle as a response to SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities. In parallel, she considers designing the future of both land and ocean, and their intersectionality, to be an opportunity to transfer sustainable development. 

In the future, she aims to study architecture in university and become a co-founder of an architecture firm. She also strives to achieve global leadership and recognition in developing smart cities and sustainable architecture. 

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