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Youth Delegate

Kyra Wang is a determined and highly motivated person who always wants to do her best in reaching her goals.She is interested in biomedicine and hopes to pursue it as a career in the future.  

Kyra developed her interest in biomedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic. She saw how terrible the situation was and how the medical workers, doctors and researchers came together to solve this global health crisis. Kyra was extremely inspired by their hard work, dedication, and sheer determination in helping society, and she aspired to be someone like them, someone who could help others and make a difference in her community.  

One of Kyra’s biggest inspirations is Carolyn Bertozzi, a professor of Chemistry, Systems Biology and Radiology at Stanford University as well as the recipient of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Bertozzi is also interested in music, playing the keyboard in bands as well as for fun in her free time. Like Bertozzi, Kyra is enthusiastic about music and the arts as well. She has been playing the piano and dancing since she was five years old and has received many awards and achievements at the local, national, and international level. Kyra hopes to continue her musical journey alongside studying in  the medical field.  

At school, Kyra is currently a member of the STEM Club, the Good Guys, as well as the leader of  the Hip-Hop Dance Club. Kyra has been in the early French Immersion program since she was young, and  she is now fluent in three languages: English, French, and Chinese. She is currently studying AP Physics 1 and AP Microeconomics as well to challenge herself outside of school.  

To create real world impact in the areas of health and well-being, Kyra was accepted as a Youth Delegate to the Global YOUNGA Forum, where she co-designs life science-based policies and initiatives  with youth from over 130 countries. Kyra has always dreamed of majoring in biology at Stanford  University and afterward, she hopes to become a biomedical scientist who helps those in need and gives  back to her community. 

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