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Future of Innovation,
Youth Advocate

Meet Benjamin, a curious and tenacious individual who finds his greatest joy in the beauty of nature and the limitless possibilities of technology. With a deep passion for computer science and an unyielding determination to become a machine learning expert, he constantly seeks out new challenges and opportunities to grow. Whether he is abseiling a cliff or diving into complex algorithms, Benjamin is always pushing himself to reach new heights and achieve his dreams.

Benjamin’s childhood was marked by moments of fear and uncertainty, but none of them could compare to the exhilaration he felt when abseiling down a cliff. This daring pursuit not only taught him to trust new experiences but also instill in him a sense of fearlessness that he carries with him to this day. Embodying Walt Disney’s famous quote, “The way to get started is to stop talking and begin doing,” Benjamin has internalized this lesson, becoming more efficient in his actions and more willing to take risks. Through his adventurous endeavors, Benjamin has cultivated resourcefulness, connected deeply with the natural world, and honed his team-working skills. He has learned to step out of his comfort zone and embrace new challenges with open arms. 

He plans to take STEM classes in AP Sciences, Calculus, and Engineering to expand his knowledge and deepen his understanding of mathematics and computer science. These fields intersect computer science, and he is excited to explore their connections. Additionally, he plans to join his high school AI & CS club to collaborate with peers and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in this field. 

Looking towards the future, Benjamin is fueled by a deep desire to utilize software engineering to make a positive impact on individuals across the globe. Witnessing the transformative and positive impact of AI and Machine Learning, he is passionate about exploring the endless possibilities that lie ahead. With a natural inclination and a keen interest in problem-solving, he is eager to delve into various aspects of computer science, from AI and ML to Quantum computing. Through rigorous courses in programming and AP CSA, he is determined to acquire the skills necessary to bring a positive impact on human lives. His dream university is the University of California, Berkeley where he plans on majoring in Computer Science.

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