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Future of Healthcare,
Youth Advocate

Riku is an internationally-oriented individual with a strong passion for advancing global healthcare accessibility. His ambition to pursue a career in Health (Life) science drives him to make a positive impact by providing quality healthcare for everyone. Committed to addressing future world health challenges, Riku actively engages in initiatives seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to pressing issues.

Moving to another country for better education marked a significant turning point in Riku’s life, opening up countless opportunities for diverse experiences and new perspectives. In Japan, he received a traditional education, but upon joining an international school in SG, he now has the chance to interact with people from all corners of the globe. This exposure allows him to contemplate global issues and challenges, something he might not have considered if he had remained in the Japanese education system, which could have limited his worldview. Notably, learning English, which wasn’t as accessible in Japan, has unlocked a world of possibilities for Riku. With English proficiency, he can now envision applying himself internationally, not just within Japan. 

During high school, Riku achieved remarkable accomplishments. He earned a Gold medal in the UKMT math competition and received a nomination for Academic Student of the Year among Grade 10 students. Riku achieved exceptional Top 3 final grades, scoring an impressive 53 out of 56. Beyond academics, he showcased his basketball talent, securing third place in a Melbourne competition and clinching first place in the SGPBL U18 tournament. Riku was also impressed as a musician, playing guitar for the school rock band. He played a vital role on the school's basketball team and even led the KISEKI project. Recognized for his empathy during the Singapore basketball league, he received an award from the "Live-Like-Leo" association. Furthermore, Riku actively participated in the Young Pioneers Forum leadership program.

Future Riku aspires to further explore his passion for Health science and apply his knowledge to address real-world issues.

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