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Future of Technology,
Youth Advocate

Julian Zhong is an exceptional high school student from Canada, known for his unwavering passion for computer science and mathematics. Driven by a strong work ethic, he wholeheartedly embraces challenging projects and has set his sights on becoming a researcher/professor. Armed with a unique combination of analytical mindset, Julian is not only committed to refining his skills to excel in his chosen field but also to use his talents to make a positive impact on the world. 

Julian, a timid teenager, often found himself envious of his fearless friends who fearlessly rode bikes. Unfortunately, his deep-rooted fear of falling prevented him from ever embarking on this thrilling adventure. After a heartfelt conversation with his parents, he decided to face his fear. Borrowing a friend’s bike, he cautiously ventured onto the streets. With perseverance, his anxiety faded, and cycling became his newfound passion. Julian explored new paths, embraced challenges, and grew into a resilient and adventurous individual. Taking risks led to personal growth and exciting opportunities, proving to him that overcoming fear with perseverance can open many paths. 

In high school, he is a dedicated student who actively engages in STEM-related activities both in and outside of school. He consistently challenged himself by taking rigorous AP classes in sciences, mathematics, and computer science. Julian’s passion for mathematics extends beyond the classroom, as he serves as the activity coordinator for the Math Club. In this role, he collaborates with the club president to design engaging sessions and leads activities to support fellow students’ learning.

Additionally, he is also an invaluable member of the robotics club where he contributes as a part of the programming team and assists other teams in debugging robots for upcoming competitions. Outside of his academic pursuits, Julian indulges in his love for coding by building web pages and web apps. Moreover, he is also a talented cellist in the school orchestra and regularly performs at events, showcasing his passion for music. In his free time, he explores his love for cycling, further exemplifying his well-rounded interests.

Julian aspires to pursue a degree in Computer Science at the esteemed University of California, Berkeley. With a passion for technology and its potential to enhance the lives of individuals worldwide, Julian envisions a future as a dedicated computer science professor, focused on conducting impactful research that drives innovation - ultimately improving lives for all.

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