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Future of Psychology,
Youth Advocate

Bai-Fern Pornwarin Boondoungpraser is a psychology enthusiast who always finds herself constantly questioning behavior and developing hypotheses. Simultaneously, being a certified foodie, cooking and sharing food is one of her simple pleasures. 

Growing up, Bai-Fern would pick Frangipani flowers that had fallen alongside her pool and gather them in a woven wooden basket. She ran around endlessly, patiently waiting for the flowers to fall. When she finally filled her basket with flowers, she would scoop chlorinated water from the pool and mix it with the flowers to make a so-called perfume. The petals would be peeled apart and vigorously swirled in the water. However, despite the initial lack of a pleasant scent from the decanted water with the first few flowers, she persevered in the process of collecting and stirring until the lovely fragrance of Frangipani infused the water. This experience nurtured Bai-Fern's self-motivation, driving her to initiate her own projects and assume leadership roles. These endeavors, influenced by her dedication to perfume-making, equipped her with the resilience to persevere through challenging times.

After reading the book 'Brain Food' by Dr. Lisa Mosconi, Bai-Fern developed a profound interest in the relationship between a nutritious diet and the brain. Additionally, exercise has become one of her favorite relaxation activities, as she actively participates in her school's Badminton and Netball varsity teams. During her leisure time, Bai-Fern takes pleasure in cooking and baking for her family, friends, and teachers on various occasions of celebration.

Bai-Fern intends to pursue Psychology as her major and Nutritional Science as her minor, driven by her desire to delve into the interdisciplinary aspects of psychology and gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between a balanced diet and mental health. Her aspiration is to apply her knowledge in order to enhance health and well-being within society by promoting mental health awareness programs in schools, working offices and various other communities as a professional psychologist.

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