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Eco2Auto, Founder
European Youth Parliament, Youth Leader

Jalil Jalilov is an A-level student who has a love for engineering and data science. Jalil, who was born and raised in Azerbaijan, has always been curious about how things work and how technology, when integrated with economics, can be applied to change the world for the better.

He completed internships at SOCAR Polymer and Lukoil, two significant energy companies, while pursuing his education. Jalil gained useful knowledge about the inner workings of the energy sector from these internships, which also assisted him in developing his engineering practical skills. Jalil also worked as a data engineer at Azercell, a well-known telecommunications company in Azerbaijan. He was responsible for creating and maintaining the organization's data infrastructure, which enhanced the effectiveness and precision of data analysis. Later, Jalil worked as a data scientist for Yelo Bank, where he contributed to the creation of predictive models that would aid the bank in making more informed business decisions.

Furthermore, Jalil is an accomplished pianist in addition to his work in engineering and data science. He has performed at numerous concerts across the nation and has won many accolades for his musical abilities.

Jalil is a natural leader who has participated in the European Youth Parliament to a great extent. He was a chairperson of the event numerous times, where he promoted active citizenship and discussions on a variety of subjects. As a member of the Azerbaijani delegation, Jalil was chosen to represent Azerbaijan at the EYP International session in Latvia. There, he assisted in fostering communication and collaboration between young people from various nations. He also interned as the department member of the International Relations department, where he facilitated the relations of EYP Azerbaijan with other national committees.

Throughout his personal life, Jalil invented a shield for gardening use, which has a larger surface area than shovel and is more efficient to use. He also created a water supply system for his grandparents’ summerhouse, which provided reusable water for a huge territory without any physical effort.

In 2023, Jalil founded a startup called Eco2Auto with the goal of creating environmentally friendly transportation options. In the area of sustainable engineering, the project is viewed as a promising endeavor. He is currently conducting research on the reduction of toxic gads emissions and nonrenewable resources  with a professor from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.

Jalil is known for his dedication to using data and technology to improve the world. He is dedicated to pursuing an engineering career and using his abilities to improve the community he calls home and beyond.

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