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New Consult

Daria Golubeva is a high school student passionate about economics and the environment. Inspired by the lack of opportunities for smaller firms, she founded a consulting firm, where high school students can help firms to achieve their set goals. She believes that this project may eventually contribute to solving the issue of poverty. Additionally, she co-founded a committee for regulating the production of household chemicals and making them more green. 


When asked about what led her to pursue the route of economics as her major and career interest, she recalls the lack of importance placed on this subject. While studying economics at her school, Daria was surprised that business cases are not a part of the curriculum, which leads to the fact that students are unfamiliar with basic business instruments (like SWOT). Daria aimed to solve this issue by organizing her business case club.  


Daria is enrolled in the math lyceum that is one of the Top Three schools in her country. She is one of two students in her school who have 5/5 for every subject she took. In addition to the tight schedule, Daria is a member of Moscow economics team - a Moscow state University organization that educates approximately 50 selected students in economics, and she was even a member of the Russian team for the International Economics Olympiad, where she got a silver medal. There, Daria even organized a new initiative - a business case club for students, where they learn different frameworks, financial models, etc. After organizing a case club, Daria wanted to deepen her knowledge in consulting, so she was selected to participate in a PWC internship, where she learned more advanced ways of consulting. She later applied that knowledge in organizing a consulting firm that aims to help small-sized firms, which cannot afford professional consulting, to improve their performance. Thus, she aims to assist smaller-sized firms and reduce  inequalities. 


Moreover, Daria is deeply concerned about water pollution, and thus she will publish a paper on nanoscale photocatalysts that focuses on decreasing costs for producing them. She also is one of the co-founders of the committee that highlights the importance of environmentally-friendly household chemicals. 


Looking ahead, Daria Golubeva aims to become a researcher in economics and find ways to solve real-world issues like poverty, and currently Daria is taking a course from Ester Duflo on poverty to improve her understanding of the subject. Through her research she aims to find sources of poverty and suggest effective solutions. Golubeva Daria also wants to teach university students and lead them to solving other economical problems. Additionally, Daria is interested in finding solutions to solve the water pollution issues effectively, and she already started doing it by researching cheaper ways to produce nanoscale photocatalysts. 

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