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The CHACO Project
Youth Leader

Lola Mandalaoui is determined to advocate for her beliefs and is interested in studying international relations. She is an insightful scholar who believes today’s youth is capable of revolutionising the world as we know it, and is focused on quality education and research as pathways to empower her generation. 

Growing up she witnessed how her family persevered in achieving their dreams. They taught her that if she worked hard enough she could accomplish everything she set her mind to - if one falls once, twice or even thrice, one can always get back up. 

She is a keen student who participates in “The CHACO Project’ at school and teaches underprivileged kids school subjects such as English and maths. She also is a member in a MUN club where she joins other students to discuss matters of the world. As a member of Catalysing Research Institute, she aims to facilitate youth research in areas related to global development, as she believes that only by creating collective curiosity and intelligence can her generation break the cycle and create growth for both people and the planet. 

In the future she wishes to study international relations and strives to be able to work at the United Nations and other big organisations in order to be able to make a change.

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