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Rithwik Sharma is an inherently curious individual driven by a strong passion for learning, creating, and exploring. His unwavering dedication lies in the field of engineering, which he perceives as the art of problem-solving. His ultimate goal is to establish a career focused on innovation, invention, and creation within this dynamic domain. 

From a young age, Rithwik aspired to utilize his skills for positive impact. With a creative mindset and a passion for problem-solving, he seeks to make a difference. Over the past 16 years, he has cherished numerous experiences that have shaped his growth. Among them, the phrase “Question Everything” holds immense significance, serving as a guiding principle as he tackles engineering challenges. 

Academically, his achievements have been exceptional, with top-notch scores (top 1.1%) in his sophomore year MYP exams and receiving notable recognition in various mathematics Olympiads. Beyond academics, he has embraced swimming, conquering his fears to become a national-level swimmer while also serving as a mentor.

Moreover, Rithwik possesses extensive leadership experience, having held positions such as Student Body President, founder of ‘Mechatricon’ (a robotics engineering organization), and Managing Director of the magazine ‘The Higgs Review.’

Rithwik’s aspirations drive him to continue his pursuit of knowledge and curiosity through engineering studies at a prestigious university. He aims to leverage his expertise to make a profound impact on the world. His vision involves combining engineering prowess with business acumen to address the challenges of today and the future.

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