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Future of Animal Welfare,
Youth Advocate

Souta Abe, a passionate animal activist, finds joy in both art and basketball. He firmly advocates for a more harmonious coexistence between human and animals as a vital step towards improving the world. Looking ahead, Souta plans a business venture that harnesses the power of marketing to effectively combat animal abuse by instilling a change of heart among individuals. 

One cherished tale from Souta's childhood is "The Old Man Who Made Flower Bloom." This heartwarming story follows a kind elderly couple who unexpectedly gain wealth when their dog guides them to a specific spot to dig. Unfortunately, an envious couple forcibly takes the dog, hoping to replicate their fortune. Tragically, the dog leads them to a place inhabited by monsters, resulting in a devastating outcome where the greedy couple kills the dog. The tale emphasizes the importance of kindness to animals and reveals the consequences of disrespect, leaving a lasting impression on Souta about the significance of compassion for all living beings.

When Souta was in grade 5, he moved to an international school, and that's when he started learning English. He worked really hard and didn't give up. By the time he reached 10th grade, he began getting top ranks in many subjects, especially in English and History. Engaging in extracurricular activities, he serves as the treasurer of the school's student council, managing funds and collaborating on plans. Souta also volunteers at a dog run and works at a renowned French restaurant, gaining valuable business and communication skills. Additionally, he participates in the Young Pioneers Leadership program to further develop his leadership abilities.

Souta plans to pursue a college education centered around animals, followed by 5 years of work experience. He envisions returning to the US to obtain an MBA to fuel his passion for entrepreneurship, dedicated to rescuing and aiding mistreated animals worldwide. By combining his knowledge from college with entrepreneurial skills, Souta aims to make a significant impact, ensuring the well-being and protection of animals, and leaving a legacy of compassion for the future generations. 

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