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A Hand for Another Hand,

Thunyanan Nithakorn is interested in the areas of biomedical sciences as well as health and well-being. Coming from a country like Thailand where there is an astute gap in the provision of affordable and quality healthcare, she hopes to create systemic change in this area for the benefit of future generations. 

Growing up, BB went to a Catholic school in Bangkok, then an international school for a year, then a boarding school in Switzerland. She worked in the service programme in the Catholic school allowed her to explore the problems within the healthcare system of Thailand. On a personal level, BB’s family history influenced her passion for healthcare as she has witnessed firsthand the impact of kidney related issues within her family; in fact, one of eight family members have succumbed to kidney failure. This familial experience has shaped BB’s perspective and motivated them to explore the field of healthcare more deeply. In addition to her family’s experience, BB’s grandmother also played a role in cultivating her interest in Thai herbal medicine as well as traditional Eastern medicine. 

Currently, BB actively engages in a diverse range of activities that encompass academics, extracurriculars, and personal pursuits. In terms of academics, she has received notable achievements such as the UKMT bronze award in both 2020 and 2021, as well as a bronze award from AMC 2021. Additionally, she has conducted her research for her extended essay, focusing on the effects of hormones in birth control on water sources. In the field of biology, she completed her IA (Internal Assessment) project during her time in Italy, investigating the impact of nitrate levels on biodiversity in rivers. 

Outside of her academic pursuits, BB demonstrates her commitment to social and environmental causes as a co-founder of the project ‘A hand 4 another hand,’ she actively contributes to raising awareness about the negative impact of fast fashion. Moreover, she takes on the role of a basketball team manager, showcasing her passion for sports, teamwork, and organizing skills. On a personal level, she enjoys engaging in activities such as golfing and snowboarding. These hobbies not only provide her with physical and recreational outlets but also contribute to her overall personal growth and well-being. Over the summer of 2023, BB will be undertaking a working experience project with YouCycle, a provider of feminine hygiene related technology and services.

Looking ahead, she aspires to become a contributor to the improvement of the medical field of organ transplant or medicines related to curing specific diseases such as Down syndrome. She aims to pursue a world-class education at a university that will equip her with both the education and experience to achieve this real-world outcome. 

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