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Ariya Taechamahaphan is extremely driven to explore in his fields of interest including material sciences, music, cultural preservation and sustainability. He aspires to start his own tech company in the future which works on sustainable energy storage systems.

Ariya dedicated a lot of time to protect his culture; He had organised several music festivals on Thai music at school and at performing arts centers where he can share his passion for Thai music with other people with recognition from the Thai Ministry of Culture. He had also created the startup company HeartKnit which produces handmade Hmong-knit bags from local produce -- funded from Thailand’s Equity Education. 

Additionally, he spends time working on STEM initiatives with his friends such as the “GoBabyGo” project which requires collaboration between students to build electric toy cars for donation to underprivileged communities around Thailand. He further plans to rebrand GoBabyGo into an organisation that will also hold local STEM workshops for students, organise fundraising events, and allow people in school communities a chance to educate the unfortunate and immerse themselves with the delight of helping others.

He has reached out to professors at universities around Thailand for a learning opportunity which allowed him to step outside of his comfort zone and turn theory into practice -- recently contributing to the research on activated biochar’s applications on supercapacitors. Furthermore, Ariya loves meeting new people. On weekdays he spends a lot of time organising house events at school and performing in musical bands to connect people across year groups and create a vibrant community for fellow students to enjoy. Outside of school, Ariya is a competitive go-kart racer; he has competed against multiple GT3 Thai race car drivers. 

Looking ahead, Munn aims to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to achieve his mission of being a thought and action leader in the area of clean storage. At university, he aims to study material sciences to acquire the necessary knowledge in the relevant areas, while seeking internships at frontier battery companies (e.g. Luminous, Farasis Energy or Panasonic etc.) to gain working experience. In parallel, he would dedicate time to research and development as well as finding teammates to create a business plan for his own clean tech startup. Should all go well, Munn would after graduation pitch the startup idea for grants to carry out market research, start producing prototypes and change the future of energy.  

Ariya Taechamahaphan: Team Members
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