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Future of Technology,
Youth Advocate

Masahiro Kurosawa is a very ambitious person who is also very goal-oriented. His main ambitions are in computer science, which he hopes to pursue in college and beyond for his career. 

From a young age, due to Masahiro’s father’s work, he and his family have lived in four different countries, including Chile, Madagascar, Japan, and Qatar. From all of this moving, Masahiro has learned the importance of adaptability as life is constantly changing and it allows us to cope with change and unexpected circumstances. He has learned to adapt to different cultures and to be able to adjust to different languages and social norms, which has helped him become a more versatile and resilient person. 

Masahiro is currently taking the AP Computer Science A course at his school to challenge himself and advance his knowledge in computer science through the Java coding language. He is currently preparing to take the exam for it. He plans to take a Cyber Security course at his school next year to further improve his knowledge and experience in Computer Science. Outside of academics, he is a very versatile person, who plays lacrosse and basketball at his school.

He participates in numerous school clubs like the Japan club, investment club, and history club. He plans to become a residential advisor at his boarding school to heighten his leadership skill and involvement in his community. In addition to this, he also plans to run for a position on the student council at his school. 

Looking ahead, Masahiro plans to major in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology or other world class universities. Following graduation, he wishes to work at one of the FAANG companies, like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google, as a software engineer to create a huge impact on the world by developing new technologies.

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