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Future of Law,
Youth Advocate

Avyay Bharath, a determined student from India, is resolute in this mission to transform the environment and foster supportive spaces for those who share similar challenges as he does. He spearheads the Red Sneakers for Oakley, India Division in Hyderabad, displaying dedication to altering perceptions and approaches towards food allergies in the country.

One of Avyay’s most important lessons during his upbringing came from his parents. As a child, everyone pointed out his rapid speech, even from his close family members to the subway cashier during sandwich orders. Gradually, his parents convinced him to speak slower, and surprisingly, this change affected other aspects of his life too. By slowing down, Avyay learned to think before speaking, expressing himself clearly instead of rushing through words. This newfound approach extended beyond speech, teaching him the importance of carefully reading details instead of hurrying through them. Consequently, he became not only a better student but also a more attentive and detail-oriented individual. 

Avyay excels both in his studies and extracurricular pursuits. Throughout high school, he consistently ranked among the top 5-10% in his class in all term exams, earning him the Honor Roll award in this second year. Avyay is a certified pianist at Trinity Grade 5 level and enjoys playing badminton in their free time. He successfully applied and got accepted into Columbia University Summer Programme, where he attended the Exploring Careers in Law Class. His dedication was recognized by the professor, who provided a letter of recommendation for him. Avyay’s achievements also include being awarded Best Delegate in an International Model United Nations (MUN) and serving as a Bureau Member in the same MUN. Additionally, he completed an internship at Tempus Law Associates, a leading Law Firm in Hyderabad, India.

Avyay's commitment to the issue of food allergies in India is deeply personal, and he is determined to continue his efforts in this area. He aspires to study abroad and pursue a career as a lawyer, aiming to make meaningful contributions to the legal sector.

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