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Future of Mathematics,
Youth Advocate

Stepan Logatskiy is an exceptional individual, combining an analytical mindset, critical thinking skills, and a passion for math and technology. With a relentless pursuit of perfection, he embodies the ideal balance between creativity and logic. 

During Stepan’s formative years, he was fortunate to experience numerous fishing expeditions alongside his father. These shared adventures not only provided unforgettable memories but also instilled in him invaluable virtues such as precision, patience, and hard work. As he grew older, Stepan’s passion for learning ignited, leading him on an academic journey. His academic odyssey, began at one of the most prestigious schools in his country. Immersed in an environment of academic excellence, he was able to further sharpen his analytical skills and cultivate a profound understanding of sciences. This journey not only expanded his knowledge but also fostered his desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world. 

Stepan has excelled academically, consistently attaining top grades in Math and Science course. In addition to his academic success, he is a formidable competitor in both soccer and table tennis, boasting expertise in two sports categories. His commitment to sports has honed his competitive spirit and cultivated a strong sense of teamwork. 

Driven by his love for technology and sports, Stepan has taken his passion a step further by creating and managing his own website. Through this platform, he shares valuable insights about sports and technology, captivating a growing audience. Stepan’s website serves as a hub for enthusiasts seeking enlightening content and innovative ideas at the intersection of sports and technology. This initiative showcases Stepan’s creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to promoting the convergence of his two passions. With an outstanding academic record, impressive athletic abilities, and an entrepreneurial mindset, Stepan’s multifaceted talents and diverse interests make him a remarkable individual poised for continued success in various domains. 

Stepan envisions himself pursuing a major in Mathematics at his dream school, UCLA. His primary goal is to immerse himself in a highly academic environment, where he can find inspiration and collaborate with like-minded individuals and esteemed professors. His long-term ambition is to establish a successful career in one of the applied fields of mathematics, applying his knowledge to solve real-world problems and make meaningful contributions to society.

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