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Future of Psychology
Youth Advocate

Jensen Tsai is a youth advocate for the future of health and well-being, particularly focused on mental health through an interdisciplinary interest in psychology, neuroscience and social sciences. 

Jensen has always valued good sportsmanship and respect as part of his personal philosophy. In elementary school, he struggled with being overweight and lacked athleticism. However, in the 6th grade, puberty brought on a new sense of insecurity for him. When he moved to Taiwan for 7th grade, the brutally honest nature of Taiwanese students shattered his self-confidence. A turning point came when he experienced food poisoning, which motivated him to start losing weight and become more athletic. Jensen initially took up table tennis, then added fencing and volleyball. These sports gradually helped him gain self-confidence and happiness at school. The impact of sports on his life and bullying in school is why places so much emphasis on good sportsmanship and mental health. 

Since ninth grade, Jensen harbored a deep fascination with the human brain and its intricate workings. He is captivated by the concept of individual uniqueness and how the human mind and experiences contribute to it. He recognizes and deeply cares about the importance of mental health and acknowledges the significant roles psychology and neuroscience play in promoting overall well-being. 

Jensen possesses a natural inclination toward empathy and a genuine desire to help others. He derives satisfaction from listening to people’s problems and offering assistance through difficult times. He firmly believes that gaining knowledge in psychology will enhance his ability to empathize with others and provide them with valuable support. 

In addition to this, Jensen also actively contributes to the community through his participation in the rotary club. Through this organization, he provides children living in rural areas with valuable learning opportunities that they would not typically have access to.

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