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Future of Psychology,
Youth Advocate

Cindy Yang is a secondary school student based in Ontario, Canada, and her key areas of interest lie in the intersection of psychology, mental health and athletics. Through her various engagements, she aims to bring systems change in tackling global issues such as mental health, gender equality and c. 

Growing up, Cindy has encountered a few physical issues while engaging in sports. In grade four, she hurt her knee skiing, even though she is generally not prone to injuries. She tore her ligament, which affected both her academic and day-to-day life. While she is continuously told that ligaments take time to heal, she misses her competitive dancing and is worried about long-term impact sustained from the injury. At the end of the day, she realized that being an athlete, she will continuously face ups and downs, and she just has to stay true to the “best” version of herself and continue to pursue athletic abilities through both physical and mental rigor. 

In high school, Cindy undertakes a variety of activities to keep her motivated. Within school, she is active in Dear Asian Youth Club, Dance Club as well as French Club. Outside of school, she enjoys time spent in the studio learning Chinese dance, in the pool for synchronized swimming, and in learning centers where she self-learns AP calculus and AP physics. During her free time, she enjoys helping her brother with homework as well as supporting her parents with all things English in general.

Looking ahead, when asked about university, Cindy aims to expand my knowledge in all sorts of subjects, be able to bring help to people around the world, and grow herself as a person. In terms of career, she is interested in finding something intrinsically motivational for her, while allowing her to help others around the world. 

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