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Family Style,
Youth Leader

Salina Mu is a high school student with a passion for graphic design and coding.

From an early age, Salina discovered her love for creativity. Now, she is creating designs for local businesses and organizations, including Develop For Good and Austin Chinese American Network.

In addition to graphic design, Salina has also developed a passion for coding. She enjoys the challenge of building websites and apps from scratch, and loves the process of problem-solving and debugging. Recently, TedxAustin and TedxAustin Youth deployed their sites for their Rise event using her code and designs. These sites are currently viewable at and 

In addition to her creative pursuits, Salina is an active member of her school community. She is a passionate singer in the school choir and is currently involved in running a student-led business called FamilyStyle, which is a food delivery service that streamlines costs through group ordering. Looking to the future, Salina hopes to attend college and pursue a career in graphic design or coding. She is excited to see where her passions will take her and is committed to continuing to learn and grow in her field.

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