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Future of Engineers,
Youth Advocate

Akhil Marri, a determined and talented high school senior from Virginia, is driven by a deep passion for STEM. With unwavering ambition, he aspires to excel in this field and has set his sights on a successful career. Akhil’s fervor for STEM has propelled him to seek out opportunities that enhance his knowledge and skills, making him a remarkable candidate for future endeavors. With strong dedication and a clear vision, he is poised to make a significant impact in the STEM community as he pursues his dream of exploring the intersection of electrical, mechanical, and aerospace engineering to optimize aviation technologies.

Since Akhil got his first Arduino kit, he has spent numerous hours tinkering around and creating circuits. It all started with accidentally burning multiple LEDs due to not knowing how to use a resistor properly. However, through this process of making mistakes and learning from them, he eventually succeeded in making one LED glow. As he continued to explore the world of electronics, Akhil’s knowledge and skills grew. He discovered how to light up an LCD screen and even programmed it to display customized messages This newfound ability opened up a whole new set of possibilities for his projects. Driven by his passion for electronics, Akhil decided to take on a more ambitious endeavor. He embarked on building an automated water and nutrient delivery system for plants. With the help of Arduino, sensors, pumps, and some clever programming, he created an innovative solution that would provide the perfect care for his plants. Throughout this journey of tinkering with electrical components, Akhil has learned the importance of being willing to make mistakes and learn from them. 

Akhil’s passion for math is unparalleled as he is able to effortlessly grasp and comprehend its concepts. His love for the subject reached new heights when he took an Engineering 101 course at the esteemed University of Virginia (UVa). This experience left an inedible mark on him, fueling his curiosity and driving him to explore the world of engineering further. 

Not only does Akhil excel in academics, but he also holds prominent positions as the captain and co-captain of his school’s robotics and quiz bowl teams, showcasing his leadership skills and dedication. Alongside these intellectual pursuits, Akhil is also passionate about music. The oboe is his primary instrument, demonstrating his remarkable skills and dedication to mastering intricate instrument. Beyond the oboe, Akhil has also taught himself how to play the guitar and is a proficient bass guitarist in the marching band. Music serves as a profound source of relaxation and self-expression for Akhil, allowing him to unwind and connect with his emotions. 

He also enjoys spending time outdoors. As an accomplished Boy Scout, he has attained the prestigious rank of Eagle. Whether it be hiking through picturesque trails or embarking on adventurous boating trips, Akhil wholeheartedly embraces the wonders of nature and cherishes the remarkable experiences it offers. 

Akhil is determined to pursue his passion for engineering by specializing in either electrical or mechanical engineering. His ultimate goal is to gain acceptance into his dream school, MIT. With a relentless commitment to his education, he plans to further his studies by attending graduate school to obtain a master’s degree. 

Akhil’s aspirations extend beyond academia, as he envisions himself making a significant impact in the field of flight technologies. His dream is to work at renowned companies like SpaceX or NASA, where he can leverage his knowledge from various engineering disciplines to tackle complex and multi-disciplinary problems affecting the advancement of flight technologies. 

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