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Future of Physics,
Youth Advocate

Within the intricate dance of celestial bodies, Kaashvi not only sees the mysteries of the universe but also the potential for positive change on Earth. As an aspiring astrophysicist deeply rooted in community leadership, her dual passion drives her to harness the principles of physics and astrophysics for the betterment of society, exemplifying the synergy of scientific pursuit and humanitarian vision.  


One of Kaashvi’s most treasured childhood memories is the unwavering trust placed in her by her family and teachers. This trust, deeply imprinted in her psyche, acts as a beacon, illuminating her path, especially during trying times - like her tumultuous third-grade year after switching schools. That year tested her self-worth, but the memory of her loved ones’ belief in her capabilities became a cornerstone of her identity, fuelling her drive and ambition. 


As an exemplary IB student at Pathways School, Noida, Kaashvi’s academic and leadership pursuits reach beyond the classroom. With a burning passion for astrophysics, she’s not just aspiring to learn about the stars but to share their wonder. This is evident in her initiatives: from leading stargazing sessions for high schoolers and underprivileged kids to spearheading astronomy workshops and even starting her own Rotary Interact Club. But her real zeal doesn’t end at the stars. Grounded in her commitment to the community, she’s championing an initiative for a women’s chauffeur service, aiming to uplift underprivileged women and support war veterans’ wives. Furthermore, her role as a youth leader with the Global Funds for Women showcases her dedication to advancing gender equality and championing women’s rights. 


Beyond her commendable extracurricular portfolio - which includes organizing an astronomy conference with renowned astrophysics professors, participating in debate competitions, and taking western vocal exams with Rock School - Kaashvi also dipped her toes into the professional world with an internship at the OmSpace Agency. 


As Kaashvi gazes towards the future, her dream is clear: to delve deeper into the realm of astrophysics by attending esteemed institutions like Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Caltech, or Harvard. Her ambition is to immerse herself in a challenging academic environment, expand her cosmic knowledge, and collaborate with leading experts. Ultimately, Kaashvi’s goal is to harness the power of physics, to propel the field forward and, in doing so, to make a lasting impact on the world.

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