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Future of Medicine,
Youth Advocate

Dichapol (Turter) Kuankid is a passionate and driven student from Thailand, with a unique blend of event planning expertise, leadership skills, and a deep-rooted passion for advancing the medical field. 

Turter developed a keen interest in the mechanics behind events and performances from a young age. Rather than focusing on actors on stage, his attention was drawn to the control room, where he could observe the inner workings of the show. This fascination sparked a goal within him - to become a lead organizer by the time he reached high school. Throughout middle school, Turter actively honed his skills and knowledge, organizing fundraisers for charity and managing annual school theatre performances. These experiences not only showcased his abilities but also deepened his passion for event planning and theatre production. With each successful event, Turter’s affinity for orchestrating seamless and captivating experiences grew stronger. 

By high school, Turter gained acclaim for his exceptional skills in running the technical aspects of school plays and for this role as a dedicated organizer of charity events. In 11th grade, he served as the executive board member of the school’s student council, efficiently managing school-wide assemblies and successfully executing multiple events throughout the year. Notably, his exceptional fundraising efforts generated over 10,000 Baht for various charitable causes in a single event. Turter generously shared his expertise with other charity-based clubs in the school, assisting them in raising funds for their own noble causes. 

Turter is deeply passionate about medicine within academics. He actively supplements his studies through participation in study groups and student-led clubs, notably the Biochemistry Club. This club is dedicated to addressing the plastic use problem by developing biodegradable plastic alternatives. Turter aspires to attend medical school, drawing upon his experience as a leader and his dedication to charity work and advancing the medical field. In university, he intends to major in biology, chemistry or psychology with a concentration in pre-med

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