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Future of Technology,
Youth Advocate

Victoria Lu is a versatile and multi-faceted student with a diverse range of interests and aspirations, including robotics, programming, and athletics. She is highly enthusiastic about continually expanding her knowledge and skills in the STEM field. Victoria also recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that she has ample time to pursue her passions and spend quality moments with loved ones. 

Victoria’s upbringing was characterized by a packed schedule brimming with after-school activities. However, she remains grateful for the encouragement she received from her parents to explore new pursuits during her childhood. These activities not only allowed her to acquire valuable skills but also facilitated the formation of new connections with diverse individuals. Among the many lessons she learned, the most significant was the art of balancing her time effectively and prioritizing her responsibilities. Furthermore, her participation in various academic classes offered her a chance to think outside the confines of traditional classroom teachings. These classes stimulated her ability to approach problems from different perspectives, fostering a more encompassing and adaptable mindset. 

By engaging in a variety of sports such as taekwondo, swimming, golf, tennis, gymnastics, skiing, volleyball, and fencing, Victoria not only maintained her physical fitness but also discovered her true passions. Among these activities, gymnastics resonated deeply with Victoria, as she took it up competitively. In addition to honing her athletic skills, gymnastics also fostered her mental resilience, equipping her with the necessary tools to tackle future obstacles and pursue future endeavors with confidence.

Over the past year, Victoria has actively engaged in various math and coding contests, including CIMC, Cayley, AMC, CCC, and BCC, showcasing her strong skills in these subjects. As electives, she took grade 10 French, grade 11 communications technology, and grade 11 computer science, expanding her knowledge in languages and technology. In sports, she was a valuable member of her school’s swim team, where her dedication resulted in winning the junior girls’ banner at the provincial meet during the fall and winter seasons. In the spring, she demonstrated her athleticism in triple jump and shot put events in track and field. 

Victoria’s involvement extended beyond academics and sports. She contributed to the school’s symphonic band and exhibited her creativity as a talented designer for the yearbook team. Additionally, she played an essential role in the robotics team as the official driver, showcasing her technical expertise and determination during competitions. 

In addition to her academic pursuits, she actively engaged in a range of robotics competitions. Her dedication and talent culminated in an outstanding achievement representing Canada at the FTC International Championship held in Houston, where she secured a second-place design award. Notably, she and her team’s exceptional performance contributed to one of the highest Offensive Power Rankings (OPR) recorded in the competition. She demonstrated her compassion for others by dedicating her Sundays to volunteering at Carefree Lodge, a long-term care home. In addition, she initiated a non-profit organization focused on creating a pen pal program for the elderly, aiming to combat loneliness and foster connection with the community.

Victoria is a driven individual aiming to pursue her passion for technology at a renowned university in the US. She is particularly interested in exploring potential career paths within this field and is currently evaluating her true passion. To gain clarity on her interests, Victoria is actively working on broadening her exposure to technology by learning  AI, machine learning, web development, and video game design.

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