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Future of Investments,
Youth Advocate

Warren Xie is an ambitious, multilingual student with passions for basketball, maths, and AI who believes that creating an AI cybersecurity system is critical to making the world a safer place. 

Warren’s favourite story growing up is “The three little pigs”. Although the story is short and simple, he believes that it holds an important moral– hard work and resilience pay off, and you can't cut corners if you want to succeed. Reading this book has inspired him to always be ready to bounce back from setbacks, failures, or adversity and to persevere through obstacles.

Warren is currently a freshman enrolled in Singapore American School who is a part of the school’s maths and chess club. He also represents his school for basketball and chess and hopes to do the same in university. 

During his spare time, he likes to play sports with his family. Whether it's a friendly game of basketball or a soccer game, he finds it as a great way to stay active and bond as a family. Another activity he and his family enjoys doing is playing board games. These games range from simple ones such as monopoly to more complex and competitive games such as chess. They would usually play these games for rewards–for example, the winner gets to choose the cuisine of the food they eat for that day.

Warren plans to major in maths or business from one of the Ivy League colleges. After that, he hopes he could run a successful business relating to AI and technology or work for one of Wall Street’s stock broking companies. 

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