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Future of Impact,
Youth Advocate

Daria Bogatova was always perceived as the creative one, constantly merging daily routine with her interests. This, along with an absolute sense of justice, which found its way into her life through volunteering activities, determination, which she fulfills through boxing, and a deep sense of curiosity, which she puts to work in several physics projects (one of which is related to guitar, her instrument of choice), makes her who she is today.

Inspired by her father going to boxing practice, she started doing the same. Her first actual defeat was devastating to her, but it also came out to be life changing. She learned the hard way that “no pain no gain” is universal to all life endeavors, and began to see that failures are inevitable obstacles that one needs to overcome on the road to success. 

Daria intends to pursue a physics-and-coding-related career, therefore all of her projects are connected to those spheres. She makes it her priority to spread the knowledge she herself has gained along her journey and is currently working on making an animation series that is aimed at explaining the concept of several physics topics.

Apart from that, her love for guitar playing has led her to want to explore how the usual guitar-amplifier works. She was lucky enough to engage her physics teacher to mentor her along the way. They have already made two amplifier prototypes and are currently working on a research article aimed at summing up their journey. 

She believes that knowledge should not be privileged. Even though recent developments have made knowledge widely accessible, unfortunately, some people are not positioned to benefit from that as much as others. Therefore, she started off as a volunteer-educator for children with special needs. Due to the devotion she had shown, she managed to establish an English-speaking club there. 

In the long run, Daria would love to merge physics with coding and solve some of the issues where regular physics has been stuck. Respectfully, she aims to go to a university that will guide her along the way and will saturate her curiosity and entrepreneurial drive. 

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