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Future of Engineering,
Youth Advocate

Renqi Xu is a curious and very self-motivated individual who always seeks to find out the truth. He is devoted to Maths and Physics, and is determined to join related careers such as engineering or science workers. He also goes by Randy. 

When asked about what is one of his most memorable moments growing up, Randy would likely point to the first philosophy introductory lecture in primary school. For most students at that impressionable age, the concept of philosophy can seem foreign. During the session,  he recalls the lecturer continuously asking questions that seem to have obvious answers for him, like “is murdering bad?”. At the first instance, he felt too certain of the answers every time, and he slowly discovered that none of those questions were as obvious as they seemed. Randy learned from that day that there is no right or wrong, or good or bad, and he kept this in mind every day. This experience inspired him to study more philosophy, because he wants to think more and push his limits.

His interest and dedication to Physics and Maths, Physics especially, started in Y9, when he first got in contact with high school physics. Junior Maths, in his opinion, is ‘just more detailed common sense.’ But when he started learning physics at an advanced level, he was immediately fascinated by the effectiveness of its demonstration of the world. As he went into competition level, he truly found the beauty of physics. It was at the start of year 10 when he made up his mind to focus on physics. He attended the Columbia University summer school about Astrophysics in Year 10, and really had a chance to look at his options in college and future career regarding physics.

At school before he moved to study in Australia, he was a member of one of the two STEM specialized classes in school. He entered the class with a score of second best in physics among the hundred students who took the physics test. He was also the founder of one of the most successful clubs in the school, Ancient Wall Club, with hundreds of students participating in its activities.He was also the school’s Model United Nations team. Even after he came to a brand new country, he was accepted into math accelerants’ class, and was the only person who won a state award in the year group in 2022.

Looking ahead, Randy aims to further the future of engineering and sciences through undertaking research, development and innovation projects, aimed to solve the world’s most pressing issues.

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