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Eldar Shikhzadayev is from Azerbaijan and is a youth advocate for key issues such as smart city, sustainable energy and green mobility. He looks forward to building a legacy in the area of smart aerodynamic designs, starting with Mechanology, a youth initiative he founded to advance advocacy, education and research.  


Currently, he has completed numerous activities which support him to build his leadership experience and skills in the area of aerospace engineering and aerodynamics. The Ferrari internship is one activity that really helped him understand the ins and outs of the car industry and certain unique aspects of engineering that go into Ferrari cars.


In addition, his engagement at a science fair helped open his mind to different perspectives, ideas and under-represented issues around the world and really helped me develop his organizational skills. Furthermore, his participation in a TEDx event opened his mind about certain aspects of mental health and the importance of it in our lives. He was glad to provide people with information about the importance of mental health as it was an overlooked subject in our school.


Looking ahead, Eldar’s main goal is to improve vehicle transport systems in the future. He believes the world is pushing for alternatives to fossil fuels too fast while other sustainable energy sources are underdeveloped. As such, he intends to correct the widespread false rhetoric of internal combustion engines as certain technological advancements can be made to reduce the environmental impact of ICEs.

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