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Future of Engineering,
Youth Advocate

Andrew Gan is a young student interested in computer science and engineering. He aims to develop and apply his knowledge and skills to tackle global issues such as climate change, clean energy, cybersecurity and disinformation. 

One of the life lessons Andrew learned when he was young is that people can only excel once they become more self-aware, and make changes when required to meet new expectations and ambitions. He used to study in an arts and humanities focused school, and despite his best efforts, he could not fit in and therefore struggled. He decided to turn the tide by seeking a different learning environment, and ended up switching to a more STEM focused school, where he improved both on an academic and personal basis. 

At the new school, Andrew is engaged with a wide spectrum of activities. His favourite subjects are physics and mathematics at school. Through the school’s network, he is in the middle of a two-year course on cybersecurity (working on website development through JavaScript) as he believes that as technology becomes more accessible, it is important to protect personal identities and interests. Outside of school, he is taking advanced physics and aiming for a gold in the upcoming Physics Olympiad. In terms of hobbies, he enjoys playing drums and fencing practices with his teammates. When it comes to personal time, he spends it reading up on tech-related news as well as fiction and non-fiction books, joining his friends on multiplayer games, as well as travelling. 

Looking ahead, Andrew has his sights set on contributing to advancing technology for the greater good of humankind and planet. He currently has plans to study engineering abroad, and one day work as a mechanical or software engineer.

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