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Future of Chemistry,
Youth Advocate

Valeriia (or Lera) is an enthusiastic student who values collaboration and innovation, and her academic interests lie in the areas of chemical engineering. She is currently based in Dubai and attends GEMS World Academy, and travels frequently to Almaty to visit her family.     

Lera is a student passionate about chemistry, who hopes to discover new materials and substances through research into their chemical and physical functions, and use this knowledge to create less expensive life essentials like clothing, housing and food.

Having experience in a range of fields – from ballet to chess – she was able to fully determine her interests in Sciences and Math. Her interdisciplinary interests and personal background moved her to found Native STEM that supports international students with insufficient English skills and helps them adapt to new environments. Her other teaching experiences involve preparing students for IB Chemistry and teaching English to Chinese students through debates. She is also a Youth Leader at Future of Sciences, a global youth think-tank advocating for inclusive and holistic STEM education and experience. 

As she appreciates friendly competitions herself, she decided to launch Math and STEM competitions based at her school to promote an idea of ‘fun’ Math and Sciences. 

Looking forward, Lera’s goal is to be a member of a community of scientists and engineers who would lead the planet to sustainable development through production of new materials for housing and optimization of energy storage. Therefore, she dreams of attending a top engineering school where she would be able to connect with like-minded peers and faculty members and tackle global problems alongside them.

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