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Future of Business,
Youth Advocate

Josh Liu is a hardworking and resilient student when it comes to pursuing his dreams at a world-class university. In the future, he wishes to pursue a career in business or law.

​Growing up, Josh learned that life isn’t always fair. There will be times when certain people are at a disadvantage to other groups. Therefore, his mother taught him to always keep working hard, as only hard work would bring success later on. As a result, Josh always strives for his best and helps his friends achieve the same. Even when times of hardship arise, Josh still manages to push through and encourages himself through constant self-affirmation. The most important lesson for any person is to chase after their dreams, stay resilient, and persist until the very end.

​Showing a fervent passion for the humanities, Josh spends a lot of time reading and immersing himself in history. He is a straight-A student at school and a capable debater. He will enter the IB Diploma Programme next year in Grade 11. He also plans to join the Newspaper Club at his school to learn more about publishing. He also greatly enjoys classical and instrumental music; he can often be found playing his guitar in his free time. He has also tutored various students in subjects such as Math, Composition, and Japanese and successfully increased their grades by up to 15%. In the future, Josh also hopes to take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) to demonstrate the Japanese language abilities that he acquired through persistent self-studying.​

In the future, Josh aspires to attend a world-class education institution, such as Harvard University (his dream university), and hopefully pursue a career in either business or law. He derives great joy from the pursuit of knowledge and wishes to acquire wisdom from others. He hopes that, with his abilities, he would be able to make a meaningful and significant contribution to the world.

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