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Future of Aerial Design,
Youth Advocate

Yunfei Cao, or Felix Cao, is a hard working and intellectually curious student who is passionate about the field of engineering, particularly in mechanical engineering, as well as the areas of VTOLs and drones.  

Growing up, Felix has gone through many difficulties, with the most challenging one being blending back into his class in his hometown after a year and a half of studying in a foreign country. Being different from his old classmates, Felix took a while to adapt to the old surroundings, from the way of teaching to communicating with his classmates. However, the hardest part was overcoming the psychological barrier that had formed due to him being very different from the rest of the class. After a few weeks, he realized that he needs to accept his differences and use them to his advantage, rather than letting them interfere with his social life. He has been more confident about himself ever since, and in fact, has also empowered his peers to see things from new perspectives. 

Felix demonstrates a wide range of interests both in and out of school. First, he is very interested in aerial vehicle design and engineering, which he works on through his engagement with Robotics Club and Real World Design Challenge (RWDC). He is the founder and current president of the school model aircraft club, where he gets to pursue his aspirations in the future of drones and aircraft for both commercial and personal purposes. To further his knowledge and know-how, he has completed the Explore Engineering program at John Hopkins University. Outside of these academic-related interests, Felix enjoys photography, RC vehicle racing, squash, sailing as well as Nanjing Baiju cultural studies within the local area. In his personal time, he enjoys creating memorable moments for his family and friends, understanding he will be studying abroad for university.

Looking ahead, Felix aspires to find a pathway to collect and combine his various interests, skills and experiences to help shape a world that is more effectively and efficiently designed, one that is transformative while also accommodating the needs of both humankind and the environment.

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