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Project Silkway,

Passion is priceless, and lucky for Samuel, he hit this lottery ticket at a very young age. Ever since his early exposure to social and leading opportunities, he's focused on developing leadership in multitudinous endeavors. From football, to head student, to science conferences, to business board meetings, Samuel has been able to hone his skills to be adaptable and flexible for different environments. His traits such as empathy, reflectiveness and ambition enables a chameleon-like adaptability in leadership, reflecting, understanding and acting upon different issues in different scenarios with experience and creativity.

With his original intentions being to permit selling candy at events, as a grade 7 (12-13 year old), Samuel decided that he wanted to run for a House Captain leadership position in his school. Little did he expect, that candy permit wasn’t the only reform he was going to instigate. Sam put himself up against competitors who were all from grade 10 and 11, so he was only able to run after thorough negotiations, and maybe a bit of pleading. As Sam campaigned he worked relentlessly, scripting every word for every question asked, refining every graphic on advertising posters and videos, and rehearsing a script to a tee to gain the audience’s vote. In the end, he excelled beyond expectations and most of the older grades in popularity. However, the underlying issue from technicalities in the school system originally prevented Sam from obtaining the older grade roles, and so a revamp was prompted. The house leadership system was subsequently adapted to embrace inclusivity, and he was named middle school house captain. Fire (Sam’s House) would then go on to win multiple events that year as a house of 200+ people, proving to the school that the initial risk-taking began a positive impact for the school community, helping cement the new system style for future elections and leaders to come.

Academically, he used his ambition and curiosity to branch out and quench his thirst for economics and science. He took part in the AGU conference in which he published a research poster and received a scholarship, and in the IEEE conference where his research paper publication and overall project earned the merit distinction award. 

For Sam’s extracurriculars, he aspires to use his passion as a driving force to delve into different sports and leadership roles. Sam primarily began playing football in and out of school, receiving honors and individual awards in school as well as captaincy outside of school for a Division 1 team. In basketball he also received in school honors and captaincy; despite the individual awards, he is most proud of being able to lead the entire secondary school as headboy after having gained leadership experience through house captain and academy production roles.

With his past in leadership, sport and finance, Samuel aims to use his talents to carry out transformative leadership by becoming an aspiring entrepreneur or investor. He hopes to leave a legacy through leadership in the business world, driving growth and success for his team and people in his surrounding environments. Bilateral growth is what Samuel aims to facilitate, on personal and career levels.

Samuel Arosti: Team Members
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