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Future of Cognitive Science,
Youth Advocate

Ruoning Judy Gu is a high school student based in Shanghai, China, and her interest lies in the intersectionality of psychology and social impact to drive systems change in areas such as climate change, pandemic preparedness, mental health and other global issues. 

Growing up, Judy has always been fascinated with observing people. Since a young age, she has found that people’s inner psychology and feelings can be deduced through their body movement, expression, or other detailed indicators. It is perhaps because of this discovery that she became interested in human psychology.

Aspiring to be a leader inside and outside of school, Judy has chosen to initiate and support numerous activities. Related to academics, she has won awards in many competitions related to biology and chemistry, such as UKCHO and Brain Bee. She has also done research in topics related to neuroscience, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Autism Spectrum Disorder. For extracurricular activities Judy has also joined the Little Raindrop Association, a non-profit organization aimed at helping autistic children. She is the leader and the coach of the USAD (United States Academic Decathlon) club and team and also is a co-founder of the linguistics club at school. Additionally, she is also a member of the school choir and the school rowing team. Judy also has many friends  inside and outside school who regard her as a consultant for solving problems and gaining comfort.

Understanding, appreciating and developing the full power of human potential is something of interest to Judy, and her desire to expand her knowledge in the area of cognitive science attests to her commitment. Looking ahead, she aims to continue making discoveries of human psychology and help people around the world live a better life through these discoveries.

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