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Future of Physics,
Youth Advocate

Owen Dong is a very determined person when pursuing his enthusiasm. His main interest lies in Physics, especially quantum mechanics. In the future, he hopes to work as a scientific researcher and innovator. 

Growing up, Owen’s father left him in his year of 10, as he was allocated to another foreign country for work. While Owen used to have a harmonious family, this event completely changed his life. Faced with this sudden change, he has to learn to prioritize his life and to take care of his various needs as a secondary school student as well as a teenager. It certainly was not easy in the beginning of the transition, and looking back, he appreciates this moment as he knows his acceleration into adulthood has made him a more well-rounded individual, one who is more responsible, empathetic and supportive of his peers and community.  

Throughout his life, Owen puts much of his effort into his Physics competitions. Consequently, it really frustrated him that he was one point missed from the first prize in the Physics competition 2021. However, Owen didn’t attribute the failure to bad luck. He kept his confidence and held the faith that his hard work would one day pay. In the next year, he realized his goal. Something he learned from this experience is that never complain you don’t get what you deserve and just to work harder. 

Drawing his experience from competitions, Owen has started his first attempt in scientific research. He simulated the two-dimensional Ising model by computer to justify the Curie temperature. Besides Physics, he also participated in a UAV design group and was responsible for the business analysis part. Now he began a project to design intelligent furniture. He wants to establish a system that can remote control the air conditioner by body movement. In this case, people would not need to worry about finding the controller.

Looking ahead, Owen plans to major in theoretical Physics from Cornell University (his dream university). Going forwards, he hopes to become a researcher and endeavors to devote himself to Physics, and tackle all current and future global problems in collaboration with like-minded individuals.

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