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Purchase Control System,

Oki Sugiyama is a curious and idealistic person who always looks for something new and thinks about how he can improve or revise the current system. He is interested in the potential of AI and hopes to improve our lives and solve deadlock problems by utilizing it.

Amidst so much news about the destruction of the global environment, he became concerned about whether human beings would be able to continue to live on Earth, and he spent a year researching the possibility of space migration for his junior high school graduation thesis. There were many difficult problems to solve, such as dealing with the enormous amount of radiation, and he concluded that space migration would be difficult to solve with current technology and that it would be difficult to achieve space migration in his generation, so he began to think about what he could do to contribute to the protection of the global environment.

Over summer of 2022, he visited the Zero Waste Center in Bali to get a hint about global environmental protection activities, and while experiencing Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, he realized that Reduce is the essential way to solve problems for global environmental protection, and he came up with the Purchase Control System (PCS).

Recording diets are a technique for losing weight. By simply visualizing our weight, we can increase our awareness and avoid binge eating and drinking to lose weight. We buy a variety of products through e-commerce with ease, but by visualizing the carbon dioxide emissions from our consumption and the number of trees needed to offset the emissions, he thought we could reduce wasteful consumption and contribute to global environmental protection.

PCS  is an extension and is currently available for use when purchasing on Amazon. It displays the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the production and distribution of goods and the number of trees needed to offset it, easily visible at a glance. He first launched this system mainly targeting Japanese consumers who could not find such a system, and he plans to enhance this content and develop it globally in the future.

In the future, Oki aims to pursue an interdisciplinary approach between computer science, environmental science and business.

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