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Blue Fish,

Neha Thanissery is someone who has a passion for learning to create systems that can help ease the issues inflicting obstacles on people everyday. She is lively, diplomatic, and strong willed. Her resilience and optimism fuels her desire to grow closer to her ideal self.

Growing up, Neha has learned that reflection and approaching tough situations with an open mind, and experiencing failure is a natural way of the learning process. Through thick and thin, striving for your ideals will lead to somewhere where you can thrive. Most importantly, she believes that being surrounded by people who you love and admire is necessary to manifest the culmination of years of hard work.

In her current school, Neha currently takes Physics, geography, and english as her HL subjects. She hopes that she can combine the technical and social aspects stemming from these courses to her ventures into higher education. To fuel her personal development, Neha`s intrinsic motivations are driven by shared experiences, she loves spontaneity and working with others toward a common goal. She currently leads several school based services that aim to better the environment and reduce discrimination towards minorities. 

For the former, Neha was inspired by a community project she pursued in the MYP to start a school based initiative called “BlueFish” to help counteract the adverse effects of water pollution on the environment. She also helps lead a service titled “Rainbow project” which aims to reduce the discrimination towards the lgbtq+ community in japan. She enjoys the dopamine rush from physical activity, and is regularly involved in dance, soccer, and resistance training. In her spare time, Neha sparked an interest for hands-on activities such as fine art, sculpting, and building models since she was younger. She is thrilled by seeing things come to life from an empty canvas. 

Looking ahead, Neha aims to tackle both environmental and social issues through an interdisciplinary approach combining engineering and social sciences. She identifies her as a creator, and seeks to empower other youth to step up to action.

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