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Safe Homes for Women,
Youth Advocate

Meera Priyan is a 16-year old high school student currently based in Texas, and she grew up in Toronto. All throughout high school, Meera has been fascinated with issues regarding climate change and sustainability. She has extensively researched on the impacts of climate change and how people can live more consciously, and believes youth should advocate for responsible practices which mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis. She has done projects, written articles, and even started a blog on how youth can live more sustainably.

Some of these projects include: a) MP Blog: a blog where she posted weekly about sustainable living and how teens can incorporate more sustainable habits into their daily living. This was mostly focused around climate conscious consumption, especially in terms of food and goods, and b) an Op-Ed for a local youth political journal that highlighted teenagers around the world that were innovatively living sustainably, with the hope of spreading inspiration to teens in the areas around her. 

She is also a gender equality activist, having engaged in university-level initiatives such as Safe Homes for Women with other students, which strived to find victims of domestic abuse safe homes to live in and provide them the resources needed to get back on their feet following abuse. 

In the future, she hopes to channel her passions to make widespread change in terms of climate conscious and gender inclusive practices.

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