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Future of Space,
Youth Advocate

Katherine Wang is an adventurous and down-to-earth explorer with an insatiable curiosity for a variety of subjects. While she has developed a strong passion for the STEM field, particularly in physics and engineering, she continues to discover new areas of interest each day, being engulfed in a boundless world of knowledge.

Katherine’s transition to a new high school had a profound effect on her perspective. It opened her to the value of taking small steps towards her goals, whether they be academic or curiosity. This newfound mindset allowed her to embrace the present moment and actively seek out new experiences. 

One aspect that played a significant role in shaping Katherine’s outlook was her encounter with passionate teachers. She found herself drawn to educators who exhibited genuine enthusiasm for teaching, particularly in STEM subjects. Having a physics teacher who maintained high standards when it came to grading, but also offered extra assistance, proved to be instrumental in her growth. The teacher’s approach challenged Katherine to excel while providing the necessary support to ensure her success.

Equally influential was Katherine’s 7th-grade science teacher, whose passion in rocket science ignited her interest in the subject. The teacher’s infectious excitement and ability to explain the principles behind space exploration captivated Katherine, leaving a lasting impression on her young mind. 

Katherine is focused on pursuing her passion for STEM, specifically aerospace engineering and physics.

Currently, she is working on a research project centered around rocket science and aspires to publish it and share her findings with a wider audience. Within her academic journey, Katherine actively engages in various subjects, delving deeper into areas that captivate her curiosity. Additionally, outside of school, she thrives in STEM-related competitions like AMC 10/12 and F=MA, while also contributing to her school’s robotics program as a member of the design team. She also participates in DECA, where she competed in the entrepreneurship and finance clusters during the 2022-23 season. She also understands the significance of developing 21st-century skills in her personal life and actively engages in enhancing her proficiency in video editing and exploring the intricacies of AI.

Katherine aspires to attend esteemed universities like MIT or Stanford, renowned for their exceptional STEM programs. With her sights set on a future in the aerospace industry, she dreams of contributing to prominent organizations like NASA or SpaceX, shaping the future of space exploration.

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