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From Singapore, Jishnu is the founder of BlueCounter, a pioneering marine data company, and the driving force behind BlueCounter Lab, the world’s only youth-led marine research group.

Jishnu's love for the ocean began early in his life, initially expressing itself through his obsession with open-ocean swimming and canoeing, and later through his passion for biological research and mathematical modeling.

Underpinning Jishnu's endeavors is a commitment to bridging the gap between science and sustainability. His journey gained momentum during an internship in KwaZulu Natal, Durban, where he led shark dives and facilitated data collection for the Blue Wilderness Research Unit. 

There, he experienced first hand the technological deficiencies that added to the methodological challenges to studying the oceans – an already challenging environment for scientific data collection. He realized that outdated and expensive data collection methods unsupported by emerging technologies of today were key factors contributing to a global shortage of marine population data.

Understanding the importance of comprehensive and accessible data for sustainable development, Jishnu wanted to change the status quo by founding BlueCounter. By harnessing the power of predictive modeling and artificial intelligence, Jishnu used BlueCounter to develop new methodologies to streamline data collection and analysis that saved marine biologists countless hours of manual processing time and study costs. He has organized a UN World Oceans Day 2023 event to launch Blue Counter as well as contributed to a UN Global Goals Week conference: Better Together World Congress. 

Jishnu’s upcoming launch of BlueCounter Lab further showcases his commitment to collaborative innovation, as the youth-led research group endeavors to enhance blue technologies crucial for the ecological monitoring of oceans.

Leading by example, Jishnu has already developed BlueCounter Lab’s first innovation. Employing his deep understanding of mathematical modeling, he developed a groundbreaking predictive model to cheaply estimate marine populations using cameras alone. This breakthrough not only democratizes data collection but also makes it more cost-effective, allowing Jishnu to take his first step towards his goal — pushing the field of marine science to prioritizing quantitative ecosystem monitoring.

Jishnu's thirst for knowledge, however, also extends beyond his entrepreneurial and scientific ventures. Adept in free-diving and an ex member of his country’s national junior canoeing team, he embraces adventure while honing his physical prowess. A persuasive speaker, Jishnu also thoroughly enjoys debate competitions, having competed and won both nationally and internationally.

Currently in his gap year, Jishnu is serving as an officer in the army, and plans to continue his education in biology and environmental science. Driven by his love for both biology and mathematics, he seeks to contribute meaningfully to marine science and beyond. His sights are firmly set on becoming a global leader, spearheading the world's transformation towards sustainability.

Jishnu Talukdar: Team Members
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