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Young Pioneers Forum,
Youth Member

An avid humanities enthusiast and soccer player— with passions for understanding socio-economic behavior and international relations—Gareth Fung believes that risk-taking and togetherness is critical to making the world a better place. In the long term, Gareth hopes to utilize his strengths in modern history and behavioral economics in order to own or lead an international company.

Alongside his academics, Gareth has participated and been awarded many remarks in and out of his boarding school Concord College. He received the Pastoral Award for being Boarding Student of the Year for 2021/22. In addition, he was one of four of the school’s Pastoral Student Monitors that year, which had the leading roles of taking care, guiding, and introducing younger boarding students to the College. He also emphasizes his care for expressing his culture in his school as he was a strong member of the school’s Hong Kong Society and will be the Head (results coming out soon) of the society in 2023-24. He performed in the school-organized charitable ‘Winter Concert’ in Shrewsbury, where he performed as a group singer. Furthermore, Gareth also represents the college’s Football A Team in the U19 age group, ascending from the U16 team in 2021. He previously played in Hong Kong’s First Division League for multiple youth clubs. He also represented the school as a U18 volleyball team member, where both the football and volleyball teams compete at county and regional levels. Finally, Gareth also emphasizes his zeal as a leader and a speaker as he has won many of the school’s debate competitions, like the Model United Nations, and will be leading (results out April 20th around) both the Hong Kong Society, and is nominated as the school’s Head Boy for the academic year of 2023/2024 (result out end of April 17th week).

To advance his academic pursuits, he is currently taking History, Economics and Geography for his current A-levels following his completion of his IGCSE exams in the summer of 2022. During his IGCSE course, Gareth received both the school’s History and French IGCSE Academic Endeavor Award for his ‘exceptional results, commitment and attitude’. In addition, he received several Academic Merits for History whilst studying the Case-study of Weimar Germany. He received all A*s (9s and 8s) for his 9 IGCSE subjects. Currently in his AS and A-Level course, Gareth has participated in both the Fitzwilliam Cambridge History Essay Competition and the John Locke Economics Essay Competition. Whilst focusing hard on academics, Gareth is also a member of the school’s Student Council, which seeks to actively discuss required internal school improvements with senior school staff.

In the future, Gareth would like to use his privilege of attending a great University to successfully lead an organization, and be reliable in making justified and wise decisions during times of business struggle. He is determined to become a youthful and fresh entrepreneur or politician. He wants to consistently preserve challenges on his pathway, and through hard work,  achieve a healthy and comfortable life by the time of his late 30s, similar to his parents. In addition, Gareth is insistent on assimilating with other students and cultures from all around the world on campus. During and beyond university, he is keen to keep and spread his passion for football regardless of the intensity of his occupation.  

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