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Future of Technology,
Youth Advocate

Gabriel (or Gabe) D’Souza is an extraordinary individual from Canada, with a collaborative nature and a thoughtful approach to challenges. His passion for computer science and software engineering drives him to innovate ways of interacting with the world. Gabe’s commitment to addressing inequality, particularly in education access, is inspiring. By leveraging technology and his expertise, he aims to empower marginalized communities and bridge gaps. His dedication to social justice and determination to make a difference in the field of computer science are truly commendable. 

One of Gabe’s most cherished childhood memories took place when he was just six years old, during a family trip to Seychelles. Standing in waist-deep water, Gabe felt a mix of excitement and hesitation about being in the open sea. However, determined to overcome his fear, he mustered up the courage to venture from one sand bar to the next, entirely on his own.

This particular experience left a lasting impression on Gabe’s young mind, teaching him a valuable lesson about the significance of taking risks. It showed him that sometimes, to achieve something meaningful, one must confront and surpass their fears. Even though he was apprehensive, Gabe pushed through his doubts, and with each step he took, he proved to himself that he was capable of facing challenges head-on. The memory of that moment is etched in Gabe’s heart, accompanied by the joy he felt when his parents recognized and praised his bravery. Their smiles mirrored his own, creating a beautiful scene of pure happiness and pride. 

Gabe is a passionate and driven individual with a strong focus on his academic pursuits in Chemistry and Physics. Excelling in these subjects, he actively participates in extracurricular activities to showcase his well-rounded nature. As a dedicated member of the rowing team, he consistently demonstrates determination and teamwork. Additionally, Gabe not only actively participates in the Logic and Computing club but also founded the Table Tennis Club, fostering a fun and competitive environment for his peers. 

Beyond his school affiliations, Gabe’s intellectual curiosity is evident through his participation in the Canadian Computing Competition and engagement in hackathons to enhance his coding skills. Moreover, he generously volunteers his time to tutor younger students in web development and logic, displaying a commitment to helping others thrive academically. Looking ahead, Gabe plans to organize a school-wide table tennis tournament to raise funds for charity and continue his tutoring efforts. 

In the future, Gabe aspires to enroll in Purdue University’s computer science program and pursue a career in software development, dedicated to solving complex problems. With a specific focus on cybersecurity, Gabe acknowledges its paramount importance in today’s world, particularly its role in combating disinformation. He aims to contribute to the preservation of the integrity of trusted news sources by preventing tampering and the spread of disinformation through various AI/ML models. Gabe’s comprehensive background in computer science and engineering will empower him to address these pressing challenges effectively. 

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