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The COVID Watch, Founder
My Inner Universe, Founder

Angel Wang is a passionate 17-year-old advocate seeking to improve well-being and mental health of people across the globe. As an international student who has called China, Australia, and the United States home, she brings a multicultural perspective shaped by her diverse life experiences. Angel’s dedication to human wellness was sparked during the emergence of COVID-19 when she mobilized quickly to support frontline workers in Wuhan and build awareness in Australia. Her initiative earned her recognition as a finalist for NSW International Student of the Year. Today, Angel continues sharing resources like journaling to foster resilience.

Throughout her senior school years, she had the opportunity to attend three different schools across three countries. When she first began transferring schools, she was filled with excitement and eager to start a new chapter in her life. It felt like a chance to leave behind any worries or concerns that had accumulated in her mind and start fresh. However, by the time she was attending her third school and approaching graduation, she found myself still stuck in this mindset of starting over. Although high school is a relatively small aspect of our lives, to teenagers, university can feel like an intimidating and distant goal. As a result, she began to lose her sense of self and felt increasingly anxious about my lack of passion, self-awareness, and purpose. she began to feel lost and scared about facing the world and society. She despised the constant disruptions to her life caused by transferring schools, as if everything was going according to plan, and suddenly her path was changed.

With this experience, Angel is adept at bridging cultures and supporting diverse communities. At Dulwich College Beijing, she spearheaded well-being programs to nourish students’ emotional, physical, and spiritual health. As a Learning Planet Youth Fellow and member of the 2022/2023 Youth Council, Angel is expanding her advocacy worldwide. She is eager to leverage this global platform to enrich young lives everywhere through purpose and self-awareness.

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