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Future of Engineers,
Youth Advocate

Amy Sawatronapak is a highly ambitious and open-minded individual who possesses a deep passion for computer science, astrophysics, and aerospace engineering. Driven by her determination and unwavering commitment, she sets her sights on reaching new heights and achieving extraordinary goals in these fields. 

Growing up as a twin, Amy was constantly engaged in fierce competition with both herself and her brother. There seemed to always be something to vie for, whether it was attention, school grades, or even sports. However, this upbringing has instilled in her a determination to always strive for excellence and work tirelessly to achieve her goals. It is for this reason that Amy strongly relates to James Clear’s quote, “It is your commitment to the process that will determine your progress”. This quote emphasizes that success is only attainable through consistent effort and dedication. 

Amy possesses a profound passion for sciences and mathematics, evident through her rigorous coursework in physics, chemistry, computer science, biology, and further pure mathematics during her IGCSE studies. Her academic enthusiasm is complemented by her active engagement in extracurricular activities, such as participating in her school’s golf team and playing badminton. Amy’s dedication to robotics is propelling her to new heights as she prepares for the upcoming season of VEX competitions. 

Apart from academic pursuits, Amy aspires to join house leadership in her school, motivated by her desire to make a positive impact on her fellow peers’ development and well-being. She also strives to engage in community service initiatives, actively contributing to improving her school’s environment. Amy’s diverse interests reflect not only her exceptional academic abilities but also her commitment to personal growth and societal contributions. With this unwavering determination and dedication, Amy is poised to become an invaluable asset to her community, making a lasting impact. 

Amy is determined to pursue her passion for engineering and computer science at prestigious universities known for their exceptional STEM programs, including MIT, CMU, and Columbia University. Amy’s career aspirations are equally impressive, as she aims to make a significant impact as a computer scientist in thriving tech companies or contribute to ground-breaking projects as an aerospace engineer at organizations like NASA.

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