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Future of Innovation
Youth Advocate

Alexandr is a computer science-related academic enthusiast with a passion for learning and trying something new, who believes that willingness to help others is critical to making the world a better place.

Alexandr began his path in getting an education in a creative school, where he formed his character and began to show interest in ways to improve our world. Sometime later, with the support and faith of the family, Alexandr entered the lyceum specializing in mathematics and physics, which was one of the first serious tests for him. At the Lyceum, he realized that with the help of knowledge in the natural sciences, people can change our world. Based on this knowledge, Alexandr began to develop and grow. During his stay at the Lyceum, he participated in a huge number of olympiads in mathematics, physics, and computer science. One of his latest achievements is first place at the district stage and second place at the city stage in physics in 2022. Alexandr also works on various research and projects. For example, the study of the statistical Mann-Whitney test.

Now, a new stage in the life of Alexandr has started. Since 2022, he has become a student of the SGA and takes A-level courses in Economics, Math, and English. In 2023, Alexandr started to work on a project related to computer science, which can significantly improve the connection between users and business owners in order to improve the quality of services.

Alexandr's main goal for the future is to create various technologies and projects that can help and simplify people's lives. He likes to help people and that's why he is part of a volunteer project in his city.

Apart from studies and projects, Alexandr also enjoys reading, learning languages, programming, watching movies, series, football, basketball, and tennis matches, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. In the future, no matter which career he takes, he aims to adhere to the "for people, for planet and for prosperity" framework.  

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