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Future of Law,
Youth Advocate

Afag (or Afa) Nuriyeva was born in Azerbaijan and currently lives in London. She is an ambitious individual, who is keen on representing the underrepresented. Afa aims to use her admiration for debating to pursue a dual career in politics and law in her future prospects. Her hobbies include reading, playing badminton and watching F1!

Growing up, she loved traveling and experiencing different cultures, particularly becoming acquainted with various perspectives. It was not until she transitioned to London that Afa became more invested. She channeled this admiration for cultural appreciation through debating, where she would take the perspective of both sides. Taking part in numerous competitions, Afa learned to never give up for the cause you are dedicated to. She decided to expand this notion from a career-orientated point of view by applying to Harvard’s Justice course and being commended in Oxford’s Legal Reasoning Competition. This led Afa to appreciate various types of law, which made her want to explore the field deeper. 

Becoming the President of the Debate and MUN club, Afa dedicated herself to giving more opportunities to students to speak their voice and to not be afraid of expressing themselves. She took charge of organizing events and leading students to take part in competitions to aid them in their learning journey. Afa is also responsible for managing the levels of academic success throughout her school to maintain the balance between mental health and academic dedication. Over the past years, through her organization - A New Path, Afa has devoted her summers by providing kids with English, social, life and nutrition education and skills in underprivileged areas. This is to open more doors for them in terms of career prospects since knowing English is a crucial skill in her country. 

As for her future prospects, Afa plans to attend a top university with a major in political science to strengthen her passion for global diplomacy, and aims to specialize in corporate law. Afa’s dream after the completion of her education is to fight against injustice in the court of law, travel around the world and read more fictional books!

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